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Control your own laptop remotely, lock and optionally erase data so it doesnt fall in the wrong hands. Trace its exact location when stolen.

Monitor phone activities of your spouse SMS and voice logs

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Better than anti-virus

Lock your system drive and disable any virus infection from USB or CD drive.

How productive are your employees. Watch your kids.

Are your employees stealing your corporate files? Are your kids chatting instead of studying online?

Website design and hosting

Get the most economical and affordable website design, development and hosting. Cloud back-up for your personal and corporate files anywhere you go.

Have your commercial or personal videos, MP3, and documents embedded with copy-protection mechanism disabling piracy via USB or CD/DVD copying. Works in any computer-based application.

Technology now can help you determine if your spouse had recent sex with another

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How telco eats your phone credits fast


You are always entertained by so many fascinating games and apps on your smartphone, until after you have subscribed to data bundles specially offered in days, weeks or months you begin to wonder how fast your local telephone company eats your credits fast.

You do a balance check in the morning and before the end of the day, without even surfing the internet your anger goes into the roof after balance showed ZERO.


Go to your DATA USAGE page on your smartphone. Put a tick mark on your LIMIT MOBILE DATA USAGE.

Scroll down and you will see all the APPS you have as active and the amount of DATA being moved to and from your mobile phone.  Example: EMAIL is 18MB, FACEBOOK 10MB, etc.

When you click FACEBOOK, scroll down to see RESTRICT BACKGROUND DATA. If you place a TICK MARK, your mobil will not retrieve data from FACEBOOK if you are not reading your WALL or messages.

So, it is yours to decide. The more background data you have in each APPS, the more costs you incurr.

Later models of smartphones, allow you to control the data usage per day in the whole month.

If you still encounter un-explained data consumption, you organize your records and complain to your local telco.

Always check your balance BEFORE and AFTER usage of your mobile. It is practical to better keep a history records of your data usage.

From Ferdinand Cenon's Portal Website