Locate lost laptops

Control your own laptop remotely, lock and optionally erase data so it doesnt fall in the wrong hands. Trace its exact location when stolen.

Monitor phone activities of your spouse SMS and voice logs

Use the phone GPS to locate your family members accurately real-time. Monitor all SMS, voice calls, etc.

Better than anti-virus

Lock your system drive and disable any virus infection from USB or CD drive.

How productive are your employees. Watch your kids.

Are your employees stealing your corporate files? Are your kids chatting instead of studying online?

Website design and hosting

Get the most economical and affordable website design, development and hosting. Cloud back-up for your personal and corporate files anywhere you go.

Have your commercial or personal videos, MP3, and documents embedded with copy-protection mechanism disabling piracy via USB or CD/DVD copying. Works in any computer-based application.

Technology now can help you determine if your spouse had recent sex with another

Quick Reference Guide 1 The first published book in Papua New Guinea on Information Technology

Create, invent, innovate, share & educate

Software Science


How to configure email client

I have here a PDF Document

Read this email-config

Instructions on how to configure email client like OUTLOOK, THUNDERBIRD, etc.

Please follow settings as follows:



for others the format is as follows





 25 or 26

 Email address:

 As Provided

Example:  your.name@domain.com


 As Provided

 Password authentication:


 To check email around the world via BROWSER:



webmail.your domain.xxx

Then input your Username and Password

(Use default SQUIRREL MAIL)

this may differ from other server

Go to PASSWORD and change your password periodically

 Password can be modified by the user only and Server messages once deleted cannot be undone.

Standard email box is set to 250MB per user per month at pre-defined monthly cost. Depending upon contract, the first group of email accounts are covered in the package cost.

 Simple trouble-shooting guide if you are not receiving messages:

 Check configuration setting as above mentioned.

Send email to yourself so you should be receiving your own messages instantly depending upon your connection.

 If you have more than 1 modem or ISP, check the other connections if you can transact messages.

 Check other modems. Possibility that your modem is disynfunctional.

 Run your anti-virus. If you have D.O.S. attributed type of virus, you will not be able permanently connect to Internet until you remove the virus. Consult your I.T. support.

 Try using your smartphone. Recently released phone has embedded wireless internet connectivity or TETHERING. Your laptop or PC can utilize your connection via your phone. Email messaging passes a different PORT or channel so even if you are unable to BROWSE using IE or FIREFOX, you may still use your email.

 For more queries send us an email

Thank you and have a blessed day.

 Other services available:

 SURF the Internet INVISIBLY using our software MAGIC SURFER EXECUTIVE. Each computer has unique IP address world-wide. When you surf the internet, your identity is exposed and you may catch a computer virus or possible hacker. Using a so-called PROXY address, allows you to mask yourself. This software provides you with this awesome feature. We can also provide DISPOSABLE EMAIL ACCOUNT, so your locations become discreet at a given period of time.

 ezDirectory is the first PNG’s digital and portable Yellow Pages. Subscribe and advertise  your business with us gives you better mileage. No need to carry hundreds of pages around. The software has the SORT, SEARCH and FILTER built-in. If you have updates on your profile simply update our ONLINE DATABASE and it will be integrated to the software seamlessly.

 Do you have business or private files you want to be made available to you anytime around the world as you travel, ezFILE allows you to have an account ONLINE and store your any types of files in the cloud, ONLINE DATABANK, for you access anywhere.

 ONLINE NEWSLETTER. Do you want to send news, product releases, and other corporate announcements to your clients and group instantly in bulk to email even at scheduled date? Our ONLINE NEWSLETTER gives you this leverage and you do not need to send tedious repetitive email of the same messages to a large number of individuals. Subscribe and make it part of your website domain.

 Did someone forgot the ADMIN password to a computer? PCs get infected from USB flashdrives? Costly and time consuming re-formatting of drives? Let us know for any special I.T. support.

 We also provide digital security to ensure your computers are locked from any form of computer viruses, piracy and can even spy on your staff’s activities to ensure the nmber of working hours are maximized.

 Have your staff’s skills get improved by sourcing our IN-HOUSE TRAINING in any I.T. fields like: Advanced MS Office applications and software programming.

 VIA SMS GPS PERSONAL AND VEHICLE TRACKING  Our system is so unique that we can track person or vehicle’s movement anywhere in the world.

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