Locate lost laptops

Control your own laptop remotely, lock and optionally erase data so it doesnt fall in the wrong hands. Trace its exact location when stolen.

Monitor phone activities of your spouse SMS and voice logs

Use the phone GPS to locate your family members accurately real-time. Monitor all SMS, voice calls, etc.

Better than anti-virus

Lock your system drive and disable any virus infection from USB or CD drive.

How productive are your employees. Watch your kids.

Are your employees stealing your corporate files? Are your kids chatting instead of studying online?

Website design and hosting

Get the most economical and affordable website design, development and hosting. Cloud back-up for your personal and corporate files anywhere you go.

Have your commercial or personal videos, MP3, and documents embedded with copy-protection mechanism disabling piracy via USB or CD/DVD copying. Works in any computer-based application.

Technology now can help you determine if your spouse had recent sex with another

Quick Reference Guide 1 The first published book in Papua New Guinea on Information Technology

Create, invent, innovate, share & educate

Software Science


Subjects Available for Seminars








1. Anger Management
2. Anti-Virus 101
3. Basic Decision Making
4. CCTV – Do It Yourself Security Cameras
5. Cloud Backup: How to backup your info online
6. Communication Skills
7. Creative Thinking : Creativity
8. Decision Making
9. Email 101 : Basic to Advanced Techniques in Messaging
10. Excel for Business Applications
11. How to become an Inventor and make money
12. How to tell a person telling a lie
13. Management Techniques
14. Problems Solving Techniques
15. Process Improvement
16. Problems Solving
17. Problem Analysis
18. Problem Prevention
19. Public Speaking
20. Report Writing
21. Self-Management – BASIC
22. Setting and Achieving Goals
23. Stress Management
24. Time Management
25. Teamwork
26. Website Design 101

27. Basic computer trouble-shooting, repair and maintenance

28. Handwriting analysis for personality development

29.Game Design and Development

30. SMS for marketing, advertising and disaster information management


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